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Nurse Credential Management at Your Fingertips


Make Your Life EASY

Snap a picture of your docs, upload to the app, and manage your career from the palm of your hand.

Set multiple expiration date reminders days, weeks, or months in advance to fit your busy schedule. 

Never worry about forgetting a renewal date, misplacing an important credential, or wasting time trying to find your most recent license.  

It's all in the app!


Store and Send Credentials

Nurse Backpack gives you the power to submit all or some of your documents with the click of a button. 

  • Renew a license and need to get it quickly to your Nurse Manager?

  • Applying for a new job and need to send your resume and documents to the Hiring Manager?

  • Travel Nurse trying to get all of your required documents to your recruiter for a work assignment?

Nurse Backpack has you covered.  Package up all of your work history, licenses, education, and more to send directly from the app in a professional PDF document within seconds.  Send to anyone, anywhere, any time with a few clicks of a button.

Your Superpower is Saving Lives; Ours is Empowering You.

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