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Ensure Your Students Are Clinical Ready

Enhance your curriculum toolkit.

Nursing Software for Schools

Save Time

With Nurse Backpack Enterprise, you have immediate access to everything within your students’ Nurse Backpack account.

You’ll never be blindsided by a student that signed up for the wrong CPR class again.

They store all of their credentials, required documents, licenses, skills checklists, assignments, and more within the app.

You get access to all of it. Instantly.

Don’t worry about an important paper document being left at home for the third time this week, it’s all in the app.

Nursing School Credential Management Software

As the administrator, you have full access to bulk enroll students, see all data attachments within their app, pull any credential at any time, and receive custom update notifications.

Run custom reports for student credential status, credential types, attachments, document expiration dates, and much more.

School Branded Mobile App

Revolutionize School Branding

With Nurse Backpack Enterprise you are able to utilize mobile technology to your advantage.

Through your custom link, students are able to download your version of the Nurse Backpack app. Your logo will be at the top of their app and with that, your brand will always be at the top of their minds.

Resume Builder Tool For Nurses

Empower Your Students

With Nurse Backpack Enterprise, your students are career ready. Not only does the app keep track of their credentials and work history, but it automatically builds their resume for them.

With one click of a button, your students can send their resume to any employer, agency, or hospital and apply to their dream job in seconds.


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