We get it. When people think about nursing, they think about saving lives, taking care of people, rocking the medical world and making scrubs look good.

You didn't get into nursing to keep up with paperwork - you got into it to make a difference in the world, answer your calling, and feel good about the work you do.

Keeping a binder with up to 20-30 different paper documents, credentials, licenses, shot records, and more was never on your agenda. 

Introducing Nurse Backpack, a cloud-based mobile credential management app that helps Nurses, Travel Nurses, and Nursing Students manage their careers in the palm of their hands.

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Store Everything In One App

Nurse Backpack empowers you to store, utilize, and manage credentials in a more efficient way than ever before. Instead of a bulky binder, you can now have everything that they need for work right at your fingertips, saving a lot of time and frustration.

Use Nurse Backpack to store and send:

  • Credentials
  • Specialties
  • Licenses
  • Certifications
  • Education
  • Work History
  • Skills Checklists
  • Notes
  • More

Never worry about losing a copy of an important certification, forgetting to renew a license, or missing out on a job or travel assignment because you couldn't find everything you needed to apply.

With Nurse Backpack You Can...

  • Store all vital credentials and items that hospitals and healthcare staffing agencies require
  • Keep all documents in one place
  • Use your mobile phone to easily upload and manage documents
  • Generate automated “notices” for anything with an expiration date (days, weeks, or months)
  • Store your documents once and they will be stored forever
  • Archive old credentials when you get updated items
  • Choose any documents to be sent directly to any recipient from your mobile device
  • Package up your work history, credentials, and education in one PDF
  • Send it all with one click so your can help your recruiter place you faster, help your Nurse Manager be prepared for a JCAHO audit, or apply to that dream job from anywhere.
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Manage Your Entire Career from the Palm of Your Hand.

Nurse Backpack was built with design input from nurses to be user-friendly, but comprehensive enough that it is the only app nurses need to manage their documents.