Nurse Backpack Enterprise Edition

Built for Hospitals and Staffing Agencies

True cloud-based credential management system that helps hospitals and staffing agencies manage, store, and update credentials from a computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Save time, improve efficiency, gain transparency, and help your nurses to help you.


Streamline Credential Management and Ensure Compliance

Never worry about a mistake in the credentialing spreadsheet, a misplaced document or folder again. With Nurse Backpack, you're ready for a Joint Commission audit at any time. Store your nurses' credentials in our secure cloud-based app and get notifications when a required document is about to expire, is missing, or has been updated within the system.

And if there is a document expiring or needed? Notify the nurse through the app and get the credential updated in seconds.

Save Time by Empowering Nurses to Self-Manage Credentialing

With Nurse Backpack, your nurses can store all of their credentials, required documents, licenses, continuing education, skills checklists, assignments, and more in a mobile app.

They can update their credentials by taking photos with their phones and entering the information into the app. Nurses are sent expiring document reminders as well so they never have to worry about forgetting to renew their CPR Certification or to sign up for a continuing education course.

And the best part?  As soon as they update their documents, it automatically syncs and alerts you that a change has been made. They can send all of their updated items to you with the click of a button in a professional PDF designed to ensure that you have peace of mind.

Don't worry about an important updated paper document being left at home for the third time this week, it's all in the app.

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Gain Transparency with Reports and Dashboards

The Enterprise Version of Nurse Backpack allows you to have full control over your credential management and full transparency with reports, dashboards, and access.

Run reports to get notification of expirations, credential status by specialty or department, attachments, credential types, attachments, and more.

Plus, as the administrator, you have full access to bulk enroll nurses, and see all data and attachments within each individual's app so you can pull any credential at any time, and be notified any time information is updated within the system.

Manage Credentials At Your Fingertips - from your Computer, Tablet, or Mobile Phone.  It's never been so easy.