How a Staffing Agency Can Help Nurture Your Nursing Career


Registered nurses enjoy better job security than almost any other profession. Not only is there already an urgent need for nurses, but it is projected that the need for new RNs will grow dramatically in coming years. If you’ve already started a career in nursing, you’ve made a good choice. Regardless, the urgent need for nurses across the nation does not automatically mean your career path will be clear or easy. Both your job satisfaction and earning potential depend on making smart employment choices. Could a staffing company give your nursing career an extra edge?

A staffing company will help you maximize your earning potential.

Nurses have enough on their plates already. It’s unreasonable to expect you to be an expert clinician and a tough negotiator, insightful economist, and strong businessperson. That’s where your staffing agency can step in. With unique insights into regional and national trends, staffing issues, and negotiation tactics, recruiters are well placed to secure you the best possible compensation for any given position. As such, you will be saved from worrying you aren’t being treated fairly.

Staffing agencies give you access to better jobs.

Recruiters don’t just develop relationships with nurses; they spend just as much time building trust with hiring managers on the other side of the table. As such, experienced recruiters often get “first dibs,” so to speak. In fact, recruiters often know about job openings before they are ever posted, meaning your dream job might never come onto the open market. By teaming up with an industry insider, however, you know you’ll never miss out on a great opportunity.

Recruiters simplify your nursing career.

If you’re interested in travel or per-diem nursing, you might be worried about all the issues that come with the territory – making travel arrangements, finding lodging, managing multiple licenses in different states, and balancing a complicated schedule, for example. With a recruiter on your side, however, such concerns are generally handled for you. With license endorsements taken care of and lodging arranged for you, you’ll be free to focus on yourself and your career.

Staffing companies help shape your career the way you want it to be.

Everyone’s idea of the perfect job is different. Some crave flexibility, while others prefer stability and a steady routine. Some nurses aim for variety and new experiences, while still others seek a specific setting where they can perfect their skills. When you work with a recruiter, you’re free to explore the career path that works for you, and you’ll be provided with the resources to do so. Though some believe staffing agencies are only for travel nurses, the reality is that a recruiter can help with any type of placement, and forming a long-term partnership with a staffing company will enable you to explore every option that is open to you.

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